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Gilt Complex

A huge hop aroma introduces the “King of the Golden Beers”. There is a hint of spice in the fruity flavour and a long finish that completes this classic beer.

Notable Awards

  • 2013 Joint Beer of Festival at Surrey Oaks May Beer Festival
  • 2010 Silver Award in Premium Bitter Category at SIBA SE Beer Competition

Serving Suggestion

Gilt Complex is a pint of Summertime, and as such belongs in a beer garden on a warm day to be luxuriated over in no particular hurry. A happy coincidence is that is goes rather well with a tasty ploughman’s.

PRICE | Sale price£57.00

2 and 4 pint cartons can be purchased directly from the brewery without pre order.

In order to buy the cask there is a £80 refundable deposit that can be settled at the brewery.


Gilt Complex
Gilt Complex PRICE | Sale price£57.00